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Enhancing Your Creativity with Fun
Art Projects

Unleash Your Creativity and Paint at Our Art Studio

Create personalized wood art when you go to Sweet Momma's painting studio in Denver, North Carolina. Come and enjoy a colorful, fun-filled afternoon with your friends at our art room. It's open to walk-in customers who want to paint during our business hours. We also have pre-made wood art in standard designs that you can purchase. Our products make beautiful decorative pieces.

Open Studio


Express Yourself by Making Wood Art

Enjoy painting and decorating wood panels with colors and designs of your choice. You can choose from different wood sizes, including 18 in. and 24 in. boards. All art materials for your project are provided in our studio. You don't have to worry about bringing your own colors or brushes. Please note that the cost is based on the size of the project you choose to work on.

Order Custom-Made Wood Paintings

For those who want custom wood orders, we offer available wood designs that are 3 x 5 ft. in size. We can also cut wood according to the size you prefer. Please be reminded that a 72-hour advance notice is required for all custom orders. If you have more questions about our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us.